terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

Duck Pond

 Duck Pond

A duck pond is a pond for ducks and other water fowl.
Duck ponds provide exceptional habitat for water fowl and other types of birds, who use the water to bathe in and drink.

Types of pond

Typically, such ponds are round, oval or kidney-shaped. An example is the lily pond in the University Parks at Oxford in England, constructed in 1925. Often, as in public parks, such ponds are artificial and ornamental in design. Sometimes they may be less ornamental, as for example in a farmyard or flooded quarry. A small domestic version of the duck pond is at Knowle Farm in Derbyshire.

Some duck ponds are purposely built for the sport of duck hunting. These flight ponds are constructed by hunters and wildfowlers to attract ducks, such as mallard, teal, bufflehead and widgeon, at dawn and at dusk. The ponds have shallow edges to allow ducks to reach food on the bottom. Barley is often used to attract or hold the birds.

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  1. I have some awesome duck photos that I took while in the Galapagos that I could send your way if you want =)